2019 Creative Exchange – Kara Cooper – Mount Vic and Me

2019 Creative Exchange – Kara Cooper – Mount Vic and Me

Each year I invite one of my very special and creative friends to collaborate and exhibit with me in my Balmain Gallery Space.

Kara and I spent our youth together roaming the streets of Annandale and Balmain. We are kindred spirits and at a young age had a love of art and design – we even had play dates/sleep overs to draw pictures and design and create murals! Thanks to the support and encouragement of the Art Dept. at Riverside Girls High and Mrs Pritchard we both went on to study art further and now both our art’s practices are thriving and still all we want to do!

Please join us in celebrating and check out the UBER COOL TEA TOWELS – from this VERY creative Chick!!!!

Oh yes… we are also collaborating and designing a new Tea Towel Together – that will be launched on the night – It’s Tricky! 😎

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