Lara Scolari | Lara Scolari Gallery | Australian Artist

Lara Scolari is a Contemporary Australian Visual Artist, who lives and works full time on her art making practice within her vibrant light filled studio located in the heart of Sydney’s harbour side village of Balmain.

Holding a Masters in Cross Disciplinary Art & Design from the University of New South Wales (MCDArtDes, UNSW) and with many years’ experience working in the Arts and Cultural sector, Lara’s art practice radiates a wealth of knowledge.

An action painter, Lara’s work is produced in an Abstract Expressionist style that explores developed experimental techniques and processes. Lara builds up each work using a variety of media creating depth through transparent layers that reveal hidden dioramas.

In Lara Scolari’s latest paintings, multilayered circles create an enlivening space for contemplation, and a resting place for thoughts.

Scolari is interested in how energy informs the painting and viewing process. When creating works, she finds herself transforming from a state of active energy into one of serene immersion. Her paintings also provide a space for the viewer to engage with this spectrum of energy: from vitality to calmness. They share the nuances of her thought processes, and create a place to retreat to, to muse and meditate, like being immersed in music.

In many works from Scolari, translucent blues and greens meet black, grey and milky white in veiled layers. These resonate with the marine glimmers of the Balmain environment in which the artist lives and works. Others focus primarily on layers of texture and colour in some paintings, speckled black circulates in a nest-like whirl.

When viewing these circles of energy, we are free to be transported to another state of mind.

Prolifically producing strong considered bodies of work Lara’s coveted artworks are beautiful in organic form, line, shape and composition.


Lara Scolari