Art Rental

Renting artwork is a great affordable way to explore and live with art and of course it is perfect for styling a home for a sales campaign or special event.

Lara Scolari Gallery has a large selection of art work that is always changing.

Rental is charged at 10% of the value of the art work with 28-day rental period and the client is not committed for more than one period at a time.

Renting is easy, all you need to do is to visit the gallery or contact Lara for an available artwork work listing, select the work, sign the rental contract and then take is home to hang on the wall.

Lara Scolari Gallery can even organise help in selection for the specific space, delivery and installation if needed.


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Michael and Kerri - Home Owners - Canberra
Lara is an energetic, effervescent and extremely talented contemporary artist. Her passion, feelings and her love affair with of art is clearly expressed in all of her pieces. Lara is also an extremely pleasant person to deal with.
Maria and Sumith – Home Owners
“We had never commissioned artwork before but Lara made the process so easy. After our initial meeting in her Sydney Studio, we corresponded by email and text (as we live in Melbourne), discussing size, colour and composition. Lara kept us informed at every stage of the process. The finished artwork is simply stunning and we couldn¹t be happier."
Sharon Kwan – Let’s See Design
“I seized the opportunity to select Lara’s art pieces for two suitable projects last year as when I met her a few years ago she left a very pleasant impression on me both as a person and her happy art style. I have also found Lara to be refreshingly helpful in the selection and delivery of her works”
Katrina Hampton - Art2Muse Gallery
“Art2Muse Gallery has represented Lara Scolari since 2015. I love working with Lara as she gives each project her complete dedication to ensure the client is thrilled with the finished painting. She combines professionalism with passion and flair. Lara’s vivacious personality and proactive approach have driven her success with sell-out shows at international art fairs”.
Ryan Stanier - Founder, General Manager The Other Art Fair
“I have worked with Lara across our fairs in Sydney, Melbourne and LA. Each time she is wonderful to work with due to her positivity and engaging approach. This comes across it her beautiful paintings that fill me with pleasure each time I see them”. Certainly one to watch and worth investing in!
Mark Saunderson – Director Asia Contemporary Art Show – Hong Kong
Lara Scolari represents a new generation of artists able and committed to managing their arts practice as artist + entrepreneur using bricks and mortar, online and social platforms to engage both collectors and commercial projects.
Christina – Home Owner - Sydney
A big thank you for the painting. It’s ABSOLUTLEY STUNNING! Even the baby made a lot of very cute sound saying “art, art” this morning.
Jenny & John – Home Owners - Sydney
We commissioned Lara to fill a large wall. It would be our second Lara Scolari. Lara came to our home, looked at the space, light and felt the energy. She listened to us and combined her passion, energy and superstar skills to create the perfect work for this large, central space. She even involved our 13 year old son in the process. The work is stunning and lifts the space more than we can have imagined. We love it, as does everybody who visits. Thanks, Lara, for helping us make our home
Alan Koh- Director, Affordable Art Fair – Singapore
Lara’s great use of her techniques and artistic medium create beautiful artworks that feature abstract shapes and has a level of exquisite translucency, which inspires contemplation and reflection. If you look closely, you may even find a hidden diorama. Her works are highly popular in the Singapore fair as it engages the audience not only on an aesthetic level, but also with the depth of each work. Her colorful and captivating works reflect Lara’s highly energetic personality.
Angela Steyn - Interior Designer – Sydney
We commissioned Lara to create several artworks for a corporate interiors project in North Sydney. We wanted something that was strong, bold and striking for the reception and board room and Lara’s work was perfect. Lara was wonderful to work with, highly professional, supremely creative and met our tight deadline without any hesitation. We would highly recommend her.
Patricia Nunes - Sails on Lavender Bay restaurant
“For me all it took was one look and I was hooked – her paintings bring out the happiness and the energy she has and they make the day feel so much brighter!”
Dominic Maunsell – Maunsell Wickes Gallery – Sydney
“I can never decide if it’s the line or the love of colour that Lara’s uses that draws all sorts of different clients into her enthusiastic art practice. Her work is full of energy and continuous originality”.
Jen Bishop – Interiors Addict
We love Lara Scolari’s work and think her originals are very well priced”
Dion Saunders, Los Angeles USA
My wife and I absolutely love our painting from Lara Scolari. She is awesome! We were so happy that she sold so well at The Other Art Fair Santa Monica.
Gavin Atkins & Warren Sonin – Designer Boys
Lara Scolari’s has applied her brand of cool chic to her latest exhibition… her work is captivating and modern. It’s an extraordinary statement of sculptural intent and bold hues – a style that never goes out of fashion.
Ann King – Ann King Design
“Lara’s work is versatile and considered. Her thoughtful design process and passion for her artistry is outstanding and best of all she is enthusiastic and wonderful to work with. Having a Lara Scolari piece in our clients home is like having a little piece of happiness”