Top 5 Things to Consider When Commissioning an Artist

Top 5 Things to Consider When Commissioning an Artist

Top 5 Things to Consider When Commissioning an Artist
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Date: 22 Nov 2021

You’ve bought or built the dream home, filled it with beautiful furnishings and decorations but still there is a gaping hole on the wall, which you just can’t seem to find the right piece of art to fill!

Art can really add the ‘wow’ factor to a space and pull together the entire design concept, so that it flows smoothly throughout a space.

As a contemporary Australian visual artist, I have built my career around creating beautiful pieces of art which bring joy and complement a space, but the main issue I find customers coming up against is not being sure where to start when it comes to art.

In my experience working with many different customers and having created many fantastic commission pieces throughout my career. I find the commission process rewarding for both the artist and the client, but I understand that getting started can be quite daunting. 

To help you through this process, these are the five steps you need to follow and things you need to consider when commissioning an artist.


What size space do I have?

When creating a commission work for a client, the artist should always do a site-visit, if possible, to view, photograph and measure the space that you have to display the commission piece. This is extremely important as you want to ensure that the design fits the dimensions, colour palette and theme of the space. 


What is my budget?

It is important to decide on a budget when you’re setting out to commission an artist, to ensure that you get what you want for a price that works for you. 

Once a budget is decided upon, the artist will be able to advise you on what they’re able to produce to fit within this. I have been able to create fantastic commission pieces on any budget, whether it be two thousand or twenty thousand, so never let a limited budget prevent you from commissioning a piece.


What artistic styles and colour palettes am I drawn too?

This can be identified by researching online or visiting galleries in person and taking notice of what pieces you’re naturally drawn to. This will help identify whether you prefer abstract over realist or contemporary over traditional. 

Once the client has shared some examples of works that they like, I will create in my style four suitable Marquette compositions. The client then selects the preferred base composition and I then take this and their colour palette to develop and create their own unique artwork. 

You should also always discuss the colour palette and composition at length with the artist to ensure the final product is something that you with love and complete your space.


How do I want to present the finished piece on the wall?

This is an important consideration as it will determine what materials the artist will use and create the piece on. For example, do you love the texture of paper or the depth of canvas?


How do I make sure that I LOVE the finished piece?

The commissioned artwork should always a collaboration between the client and the artist. As an artist, my artworks are created in up to 40 layers and take up to 10 weeks to create. During the creative process I welcome the client/collector/interior designer for studio visits and their input if this is not possible – I send images to the client at different stages to keep them informed and part of the process. The art work is a collaboration and both the client and this gives an emotional attachment to the work – which is what art is all about! I have never not had a happy client as they are part of the creative process all the way through.


Lara Scolari is a Contemporary Australian Visual Artist, who lives and works full time on her art making practice within her vibrant studio located in the heart of Sydney. A prolific gestural painter, her coveted artworks are produced in an Abstract Expressionist style that are beautiful in organic form, line, colour and composition.

Lara specialises in providing modern exquisite original artworks for Architects, Interior Designers, Home Owners, Stylists and Decorating Professionals that give the WOW factor, enhance and complete a space.

For more information or to commission a custom piece of art, you can learn more about Lara or enquire about her Art Commission Process.


Written by Lara Scolari

Australian Contemporary Artist