Bushranger III Triptych

Mixed Media (Ink, Pastel, Rope, & Varnish) On a Beautiful Hand Stretched Poly Canvas Each Panel 51 x 121cm 2019 (Lara recommends a 2cm gap between canvas panels when hanging)


The concept of "the bush" has become iconic in Australia referencing the sparsely inhabited natural landscape which can be extremely beautiful but harsh at the same time rendering itself to drought, heat and fire. A “bushranger’ was usually an escaped convict in the early years of British settlement who would become a thief and live in the Australian bush to hide from authorities. “Bushranger III” metaphorically captures the image of a bushranger in action but also reflects the harsh conditions and unseen energy, movement, life force and emotion of the outback whilst reflecting the palette of the natural landscape and events that can occur from time to time such as the sun and the fires.

More Information

More Information
Size 159 x 122cm
Location Lara Scolari Gallery