Design Addicts – Lara Scolari Abstract Expressionist

Design Addicts – Lara Scolari Abstract Expressionist

Lara Scolari – Abstract Expressionist

Designer Rugs has long been a supporter of Australian artists through their unique rug collaborations, and there is now a new partnership to add to the list – Sydney artist Lara Scolari. Touted as one of Australia’s most exciting emerging contemporary visual artists, Lara Scolari’s gestural paintings have made a serious splash on the international art scene. Lara has developed her own distinct approach to the ‘abstract expressionist’ style where a variety of media, experimental techniques and processes are used to create depth through exquisite transparent layers that reveal hidden dioramas.

Consisting of three hand tufted rugs, this debut rug collection from Lara features her signature organic forms and fluid shapes, hand tufted in the subtle shifting hues of New Zealand wool and shimmering bamboo silk. Inspired by memory, meditation, music and the culture and essence of Australia, each of her eye-catching rugs conveys the same beautiful translucent colour palette of her paintings that reflects the natural landscape. “Creating this rug collection used a very different design process to my art making practice” says Lara. “When planning a body of work, many hours of thought are put into the artworks, but then the actual execution flows and is delivered almost automatically. With rugs, the execution is a more precise art, with each section of colour carefully drawn and tufted.”

Translating the energy and spontaneity of Lara’s paintings was a challenge for the Designer Rugs team, but being able to draw on previous techniques used for artist collaborations such as the dynamic brushstroke of Minnie Pwerle and the dappled impressionism of Felicia Aroney was a benefit. The dyes for the wool and bamboo were carefully selected to reflect the subtle shifts in colour, and the use of stippling – the process of tufting several colours at once to create a soft blend of hues – also helps create the illusion of a colour gradient. To capture the layered transparencies, highlights of bamboo were used to draw the eye to ‘foreground’ layers, and create a luxurious finish.

“Designer Rugs has always been passionate about creating a strong link between the manufacturing, art and design worlds,” says Designer Rugs managing director Yosi Tal. “The creativity of these unique artists like Lara has proved to be a constant source of inspiration and pushes us to new, uncharted areas of rug design.”
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