Lara Scolari Gallery Thursday, June 3, 2021 at 6 PM – 8 PM

Celebrate the Fusion of Fashion & Art!

Each year Lara Scolari invites a fellow creative to collaborate, hosting the CREATIVE EXCHANGE within her space in Balmain.

2021’s Creative Exchange has formed the Peoples Exhibition where Balmain’s hottest contemporary emerging artists Tara Eales and Lara Scolari have combined to create a surreal world of fashion and art.

Sydney based talent; Tara Eales is a new kid on the textile art scene. Tara’s sculptures incorporate mindfully sourced decorative fabrics and quirky trim, honouring her 20 yearlong involvement in the fashion industry. Eales’ experience in fashion design, apparel production and education are recognised in each and every piece.

Lara Scolari’s inspired works of Tara’s sculptures give opportunity to experience the personalities and energy of the “Peoples”. Her stunning large scale abstracted landscapes are back drops to Tara’s sculptures & also give the viewers passage to submerse into the dreamscape world of both artists.

Textural and layered, both artists have developed processes creating considered form, line, colour and tone within their works.

Peoples Exhibition’s opening night event is 3rd June 2021 from 6-8pm the exhibition will continue showing at Lara Scolari Gallery until 13th June 2021.