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Interiors Addict Showcase

Growing up around paint, Lara Scolari is relishing being a full-time artist

6 Mar 2015 By Olivia Shead

With her father an industrial chemist for paint brand Matisse, Lara Scolari grew up in a home that was abrim with the finest quality paint.

“Samples of luscious paints were always lying around our home,” explains Lara. “I was constantly encouraged and supported to explore and create without boundaries from my artistic parents. This upbringing, a love of expression and art, has informed my life.”

Leading her to many years of study, including the fine arts, arts administration, ceramics and a current Masters in cross disciplinary arts and design, Lara now works full-time as an artist; something, she has always dreamed of. “I love that I can now focus on my art full-time. I am also currently a director of the Hunters Hill Art Gallery and love supporting the arts and other artists by connecting opportunities with enthusiasm and expertise.”

With an abstract expressionism style, Lara focuses on the use of line, organic shape, layering and colour. Using a variety of mediums such as acrylic paint, spray paint, string (and other experimental techniques), pastel and oil, her art making practice relies heavily on impulse. “As with my personality, I like to explore and act on impulse. So in the studio when working, if I have an idea — even if it is crazy like I need the mesh from the oranges’ bag so I can spray paint through it — I just do it! Sometimes it works out and sometimes I just paint over it.

Having held her debut Sydney exhibition last year, where she sold all 40+ artworks on display, Lara has now opened her follow-up exhibition, Tingle, at Sydney’s Art2Muse. “My latest body of work will be on exhibition at Art2Muse until 16 March, followed by Hunters Hill Art Gallery, Moree Art Gallery, Brisbane Modern Art and Tusk Gallery in Melbourne.”

While she may have just completed an impressive body of work, Lara has no plans to slow down. “In the next few years, I would like to expand and develop my own art making practice by exploring cross disciplinary forms. I have so much energy and so many ideas!”

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