Lara Scolari’s Debut Sydney Solo

Lara Scolari’s Debut Sydney Solo

This will be a show from an emerging Australian contemporary artist not to be missed.

The 2013 AIR (Artist in Residence) series of works were created by Lara within her time spent as the Artist in Residence for Ashfield Council, September – December 2013. This series includes over 40 mixed media works on 640gsm Fabriano paper, developed and created by Lara ( From Dubbo in Regional, Western NSW) while living and engaging in the vibrant and multicultural melting pot of Sydney’s inner west.

Lara’s work creates a dialogue between layers of abstracted organic personal, sometimes figurative and cavernous forms suggestive of internal and intimate dioramas. Lara works expressively, almost automatically in applying layers of line, form and gradated tone in large gestures. An action painter, the medium becomes an extension of her body echoing her movement and emotive state. Lara creates depth through layers, building using a variety of media and experimental methods, resulting in each line and mark giving vibrancy, energy, motion, mystery and emotion that the viewer can experience.

Intrigued by the complexity, hidden undercurrents and agendas involved in relationships. Lara has expanded and developed this concept which informs an intimate visual language of organic tone, shape and line. These elements generate a personal response of emotions that are expressed within my work.

Alan Sisley Curator of Orange Regional Gallery describes Lara as a ” Fine exponent of what some critics are calling the new wave of abstraction in Australian painting.

Although her work bears certain similarities with earlier abstract artists, her work clearly belongs to the 21stCentury, in terms of her aesthetic approach to decoration and in what the paintings actually transmit to the viewer.

Expression is what elevates good abstract painting above the merely decorative, and I feel that we can learn a good deal about Lara Scolari and her milieu from her paintings –thus, they succeed as expressive objects and as fine art”

Opening 3pm Thursday 13, with the official opening at 6pm – Saturday 22nd February 2013 within the prestigious Dank Street Galleries in the Contemporary arts hub of Sydney.

The traditional Afters (Lara’s famous raging opening parties) will be held at Luke Mangan’s Mojo restaurant (which is right next door).

See you there!

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