Ludo Exhibition Opening

Ludo Exhibition Opening

We are very pleased to show the work of Lara Scolari at Orange Regional Gallery. She has made quite an impression in the Central West over the last few years for the vibrancy of her art as well as for her exuberant personality.

I regard Lara as a fine exponent of what some critics are calling the new wave of abstraction in Australian painting.

Although her work bears certain similarities with earlier abstract artists, her work clearly belongs to the 21stCentury, in terms of her aesthetic approach to decoration and in what the paintings actually transmit to the viewer.

Expression is what elevates good abstract painting above the merely decorative, and I feel that we can learn a good deal about Lara Scolari and her milieu from her paintings –thus, they succeed as expressive objects and as fine art.

Alan Sisley, Curator, Orange Regional Gallery

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