Maitland Mercury – Art for our city – Lara Scolari

Maitland Mercury – Art for our city – Lara Scolari

300 artists, including Lara Scolari, to exhibit at Maitland Regional Art Gallery sale


 ABSTRACT: Lara Scolari will exhibit her much talked about works at Maitland Regional Art Gallery’s Contemporary Art Sale, the biggest in the city’s history, later this month. Photo: Supplied.
Lara Scolari, will bring her works to Maitland on October 19 for the city’s Contemporary Art Sale.

The gallery will present Lara’s work within a dynamic exhibition that features world renowned artists alongside art by the local community.

The exhibition will raise money for MRAG Members’ Creative Learning Programs.

Lara’s paintings have made a serious splash on the Australian art scene, featuring organic forms and fluid shapes, inspired by our Australian identity as an island continent.

Renowned for her striking original artworks, she is featured in private and public collections all over the world.

Produced in an ‘abstract expressionist style’, Lara’s works have been a hit with some of Australia’s leading interior designers.

More than 300 paintings, sculptures, prints and photographs will be on display at the exhibition, which will feature the likes of leading artists John Olsen and Wendy Sharpe alongside more contemporary figures.

The scale of the exhibition is unusual for the area, with an impressive array of artists choosing to exhibit in a more regional location, making it a must-see event for those who don’t intend on buying.

Lara’s NOCTURN collection will be on display, creating an enlivening space for contemplation. It explores and discusses the emotional rural landscapes of the Western NSW sheep and wheat belts.

Her final two shows will take her to Santa Monica, California (where she will show at The Other Art Fair LA) and in Sydney (where she will host her flagship show at Maunsell Wickes) as her reputation as an artist, entrepreneur and recognised fine art expert grows.

The Maitland art sale is held every two years. At the last sale, more than $38,000 worth of artwork was sold in two weeks and the gallery is hoping for similar results in 2018.

This year, the length of the exhibition has been extended and the sale will also feature work from artists at the Warlukurlangulu Arts Centre.

For the first time, MRAG child members will be creating new work on canvas donated by Cleverpatch to sell in the exhibition. Creative learning is at the heart of the Members Program and the reason behind hosting the sale. All funds raised will ensure the continuation of Free Art Sunday and Free Art January, the Gallery’s most loved activities.

MRAG Contemporary Art Sale runs from October 19 to November 4, entry is free, everyone is welcome and artworks start at $50.

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