Art Month Sydney 2016 | Lara Scolari Gallery

Art Month Sydney 2016


Art Month Sydney is a city wide festival that celebrates contemporary art and artists through a rich and diverse program of exhibitions, workshops, panel discussions, artists studio visits, tours, precinct nights and more.

The festival facilitates access to Sydney’s leading and emerging artists and their stories. This year Art Month focuses on Sydney as an Engine of Creativity.

“If we think of the city as an engine that drives creativity, what are the parts of the motor that move differently but in union to produce forward motion?

It’s often said that artists aren’t artists because they want to be, but because they have to be. If it’s the artists’ creative juices that are the fuel, what, are the pistons that fire, the drive shafts that crank, and the wheels that turn to get this engine of creativity moving.

Art Month 2016 throws the elemental pieces of that engine down in front of you, artists, art schools, studios, galleries, institutions, both “bricks and mortar and virtual”, collections private and public, for you to piece together how these form a working whole.”

– Barry Keldoulis, Artistic Director, Art Month Sydney 2016

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